Monday, May 18, 2009

School update

So I registered for fall semester at BSU and talked to my advisor, and it turns out I have more credits that work for my degree than I had originally thought. It will still take me awhile to finish until I can go full time, some of the classes only have one time you can take them, and I wont be able to take those until all my kids are in school. But I am excited. I decided to take three classes instead of two, so I am hoping that I will be able to handle the load my first semester back in almost 11 years. I am taking Educational Psychology, College Algebra, and Educational Technology. Should be tons o' fun!!!


The Calder Family said...

I am excited for you, it'll be a new adventure - If you don't include the years of school before marriage, kids, house cleaning, get my point! You would make a great teacher so I am very happy for you! Just make sure it doesn't cut into BFF time!! :)

jess said...

You are going to rock at school! I am jealous that your brain is going to be challenged like that. Do you remember psychology and the gloved hand theory?