Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Labor Day

My sister Kim invited our family to come to her inlaw's cabin for Labor Day weekend. It was so nice to get one more little trip while the weather is nice. We enjoyed just relaxing at the cabin.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paige's birthday

I cant believe Paige is 6 already! This year she got music for her birthday, and I thik she thought it was the best birthday present ever! She got 3 CDs and a radio CD player to play them on. She loves to take her CD player around with her everywhere, even outside so she can listen to her music while she rides her bike. (P.S. We didnt get a picture, but Dane took her training wheels off the other day to teach her how to ride her bike and she just took off, no help necessary!)

after school we went out to Cafe Ole to celebrate her birthday with
Dane's brother Joel and his family. Paige was so cute with the
sombrero on her head because it kept falling down over her eyes!

Here is a pic of all of us after dinner

For her birthday party we took her girl cousins and one
friend out to get their nails painted then to ice cream. It
was so cute, the girls loved it!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


The summer flew by and before we knew it it was time for us all to go back to school. I took the kids with me to BSU to buy my books and find my classes. They thought it was so cool to see where I was going to be going to school! We took a couple of pictures on campus

the kids wanted to make hearts with their hands
showing how much they love coming to see my school

I started school a week before the kids did. Here is a picture of me before school.

Here's the kids first day of school pictures

We took pictures of each of them with their teachers.

Paige with her teacher, Miss Calame

Ethan with Mrs. Penney
Lexi with our favorite teacher, Miss Traci

We are all so excited to be in school! I cant wait to see how I am going to do after 11 years of being out of school. I will keep you posted!!!

Swim lessons and the water park

This summer we signed the kids up for swimming lessons at the same place we do every year. They finally learned how to swim! This was Lexi's first year and Paige and Ethan's third. Ethan and Paige were in a older class this year where they were pushed to do more. I think the other thing that helped was that we did two sessions this summer instead of one. It seems like every year they are finally getting the hang of every thing and then their class is over.
Here are some pics!

Here is Ethan swimming by himself


We love the water park. Every year the kids and I get season passes so we have something to do in the summer. Several of our friends get passes too, so there is always someone o play with when we go. I brought my camera with me the last time we went this summer. Ethan went off the drop of slide this year, and the kids all loved going on the two-man raft ride.

I am sad that water park days are over for the summer, but we will be back next year!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What a GREAT Summer!!!

We had such a fun, busy summer! Here are some of the highlights:

Had a BBQ and said goodbye to good friends

Got to see my BFF in Colorado

went to the waterpark

played a little softball

Went to the Coast
'played' on the coast

enjoyed the view

learned how to swim

reunited with family

burned hot dogs :)

went camping

visited the library

enjoyed our fair share of snowcones