Saturday, January 31, 2009

my secret confessions

ok, so they are not really secret confessions, but they are things you may not know about me. I got tagged on facebook to write 25 things about myself, and thought it might be fun to add onto my blog. I thought of a few more after I posted it on my facebook, so I have extended my 25 to 28...

1. I obsess every day about my wrinkles around my eyes.

2. My biggest fear is dying while my kids are young

3. I worry about my kids growing up and making wrong choices, and that I'm not a good enough mom.

4. I am proud that I have been helping my 6th grade and 7th grade niece and nephew with their math homework and I actually know what I am doing. Seriously, it makes me excited!

5. It still bothers me that I never finished college. I hope to go back when all my kids are in school.

6. I worry that people judge me for not graduating from college.

7. I want to be more crafty.

8. I'm trying not to use the words "you know" at the end of my sentences... my husband likes to make fun of me :)

9. I also use the word "like" to much, like you know? :)

10. I hate, hate hate being the center of attention. seriously. i hate it.

11. my friend Jenn knows this and entertains herself by putting me in awkward situations when we are in public to see what i will do.Like telingl the cashier the reason I had lots of 1 dollar bills was because i was a "dancer" at night.

12. It makes me proud to tell people that my twin sister is a nurse. My sister is awesome and my best friend. and I dont tell her enough how much I appreciate her.

13. I think the best movie ever is dirty dancing. because nobody puts baby in a corner...

14. I have every New Kids on the Block song memorized. And I know you are all jealous :)

15. I have never smoked a cigarette. or anything else...

16. I like watching college football

17. I want to learn Spanish.

18. I met Jerry Mathers "the Beave" from " Leave it to Beaver" at the Boise River Festival when I was in high school. My friend Jessica and I chased him 5 blocks on his float to get his picture and have him shake our hand. Ya, I was really cool.

19. I am a little bit worried about all the "change" that is supposed to happen in our country, but I am trying to be positive .

20. I love volunteering at my son's school.

21. I like paying bills.

22. I am a great speller. I have issues with spelling. Or rather incorrect spelling and grammar, Like when people write "there" instead of "their". Or "your" instead of "you're". For example, there was this shirt that people wore in the 90s that read " if its too loud, your too old" . Seriously! if you want to print something in a shirt, make sure you use the correct word!!! I have issues.

23. I always thought I was too skinny growing up.

24. I am a little obsessed with reality TV

25. On Sunday someone told me I was a beautiful singer and have I ever sung in a choir? I laughed and said ya right! Although I did sing a solo in my fifth grade play about George Washington. And I do still remember the lyrics :)

26. I secretly like rap. Not hardcore, f-bomb dropping rap, but the stuff that's safe to play on the radio (okay, maybe they might edit it a little on the radio).

27. I am clumsy...I am hoping my children all get Dane's athletic genes, otherwise they may be in trouble. I was the girl in high school during P.E. who ducked down and shielded her face whenever the ball came within 5 feet. I know, its not a pretty picture!

28. When I was dating Dane we went to see "Mission Impossible" with one of my friends. When we were leaving the theater we were pretending to play "mission impossible" with our pretend guns in our hands and I ran into the parking lot and attempted to jump over the curb. But remember what I said in #27. I tripped over the curb and fell and ripped my new pants and hurt my knee and everyone was getting out of the theater and saw me. It was sooo embarrassing.

thats it. hope it made you smile.

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