Friday, April 17, 2009


Well I dont know about any of you but we have candy coming out of our ears!!! It started the weekend before Easter. We went on an egg hunt for my sister in law's work where the kids got tons of candy. They also got to each find a foil-covered egg worth $1. They were pretty excited about that.

Later we got our picture taken with the Easter Bunny.

The day before Easter we went on a egg hunt at the preschool the girls go to. It is also a church, so there were about 300 kids there. Ethan won a raffle and got a stuffed bunny, chocolate, and an Easter CD. This was the best egg hunt we have ever been to. My camera battery died so I didnt get any pictures of this but it was so much fun! They had different age groups and each area was covered with little toys and eggs. We are definitely going to do this one again next year. The kids all came back with their baskets overflowing!

Finally, on Easter, they got candy from the Easter Bunny, and we did one last egg hunt with my family. We also did an adult egg hunt that was a lot of fun. Some of the eggs had $1 in them, and then there was a silver egg, a gold egg worth $5, and the "golden egg", a fancy polished sparkly rock shaped like an egg, worth $10. There were probably about 25 adults searching, and finally, Dane found the egg! But I got the money :)

Here is a picture of our family on Easter

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