Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The day started out pretty uneventful. It was a Sunday, 5 days before I was due to have my first baby. We went to church. I remember sitting in the back on a hard chair feeling very uncomfortable. After church we went to our friends' house for dinner.
It was 9 pm and we were watching a movie. Suddenly, I felt a dull pain. I wondered, "is this what I think it is?" I didnt say anything just yet, I wanted to enjoy this feeling all by myself for just a few moments. About an hour later, my suspisions were confirmed. I knew I was in labor. We left for home and I told Dane that I was pretty sure I was in labor.
The next few hours were uneventful. I told Dane to go to sleep and I stayed up and watched tv. There was no way I could go to sleep. At about 1:30 I woke him up and told him that I thought we should go to the hospital because my contractions were about 5 minutes apart. Dane grabbed my bag and we set out to the hospital, stopping first to get some gas. We laughed about how calm we were, taking a leisurly drive, getting gas. We arrived and got checked in. After a few hours of watching tv, sitting in the hot tub, and finally, the wonderful epidural, and 50 minutes of pushing, Ethan Christian Barlow was born at 11:28 am, March 11, 2002, 6lbs, 11 oz, 19 inches long. It was one of the greatest days of my life. He gave me the special title of 'mother'. I feel so lucky to have him. What a joy he has been in our lives! I am so proud of my little boy who is growing up so fast. Happy birthday, Ethan! I hope all your dreams come true!

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