Sunday, July 12, 2009

4 is the magic number!

Well, Lexi turned 4 on July 2nd. For some miraculous reason, the day she turned four marked the end of Lexi's meltdowns and little tantrums. I dont know if having a birthday and realizing that she is becoming a 'big girl' now has something to do to it, but I am hoping the 'big girl' attitude is here to stay.

I was worried about her taking swimming lessons because she has been freaking out about the littlest things lately, but on her first day this week she got right in the water and did everything her swim teacher asked her to. I will post pictures sometime after swim lessons are over next week.

Another thing I was worried about was her trip we had to take to the hospital to get some dental work done. Because she had a meltdown in the doctor's office, we had to reschedule her appointment for another week where she would take valium before the appointment in hopes of calming her down a bit. Well we did that and it did not help one bit. So our dentist suggested he do the work in the hospital while she was under anesthesia. I was preparing for the worst. Lexi and I went and picked out a pretty new nightgown she could wear to the hospital since we needed to be there at 6:30 am. We had that appointment this week and surprise surprise, she didnt freak out one bit! She was happy, and even wanted to ride back in the wagon they have there instead of me carrying her.

After they were done and she woke up they let me go back and sit with her and she was so calm and happy! I dont know what has happened to my sweet Lexi-lu, but whatever it is, I hope she stays this way. I guess 4 is the magic number in her mind.

This was her nurse wheeling her out to the car. She wanted to ride in the big wheelchair this time :)

Poor Lexi has been riding her tricycle and was in desperate need of a big girl bike, so we got her one for her birthday, complete with a princess helmet and princess knee pads.

We celebrated her birthday with family in the park with all kinds of yummy picnic foods and cupcakes.

I didnt get pictures of everyone there, but here are a few pictures of those who came.

This is Ethan with my nephew, Logan

Paige with my cute 3 month old niece, Harmony
Here's the kids waiting for the Iron Man to launch

my Sister Kim, and I and her baby

Ethan with his cousin, Halle
Dane's sister Noel, her husband Klinton, and their kids.

This is Dane's aunt Robin with her kids and her grandbaby. I love this cute family!!!

My sweet Lexi-lu is four. She is growing up so fast and I am so proud of the cute little girl that she is. Happy birthday Lulu!

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The Calder Family said...

I can't believe how old our kids are getting!! I remember when we were first having them and how excited we were to only be weeks apart with all of our pregnancies! Now they are growing up way too fast! I do have to admit though...When I first read your title "4 is the magic number", I was getting a little excited :)