Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paige's birthday

I cant believe Paige is 6 already! This year she got music for her birthday, and I thik she thought it was the best birthday present ever! She got 3 CDs and a radio CD player to play them on. She loves to take her CD player around with her everywhere, even outside so she can listen to her music while she rides her bike. (P.S. We didnt get a picture, but Dane took her training wheels off the other day to teach her how to ride her bike and she just took off, no help necessary!)

after school we went out to Cafe Ole to celebrate her birthday with
Dane's brother Joel and his family. Paige was so cute with the
sombrero on her head because it kept falling down over her eyes!

Here is a pic of all of us after dinner

For her birthday party we took her girl cousins and one
friend out to get their nails painted then to ice cream. It
was so cute, the girls loved it!!!

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