Monday, September 28, 2009

Swim lessons and the water park

This summer we signed the kids up for swimming lessons at the same place we do every year. They finally learned how to swim! This was Lexi's first year and Paige and Ethan's third. Ethan and Paige were in a older class this year where they were pushed to do more. I think the other thing that helped was that we did two sessions this summer instead of one. It seems like every year they are finally getting the hang of every thing and then their class is over.
Here are some pics!

Here is Ethan swimming by himself


We love the water park. Every year the kids and I get season passes so we have something to do in the summer. Several of our friends get passes too, so there is always someone o play with when we go. I brought my camera with me the last time we went this summer. Ethan went off the drop of slide this year, and the kids all loved going on the two-man raft ride.

I am sad that water park days are over for the summer, but we will be back next year!!!

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